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Himlung Himal Difficulty

Published Date: 2020-06-30

Himlung Introduction 

Mount Himlung also is known as Nemjing Himal falls 150 kilometers from Kathmandu in the northeast direction and the exact location is Manang District in Gandaki Zone. The elevation of Himlung Himal at the summit is 7,140 meters. In 1983, it was first climbed from the eastern ridge by a group of 1983 by Nepal and Hirosaki University’sJoint Expedition Wataru Saito, Makito Minami, Ken Takahashi a Japanese citizen and Kirkin Lama who was from Nepal.

The Himlung Himal which is located in the Nepal-Tibet border in the Manaslu region is regarded as one of the most thrilling and stunning destinations for trekking. Even though it looks wonderfully beautiful, it is regarded as one of the thrilling mountains to climb. You’ll face lots of rigged slopes, heavy ice falls and many more obstacles as you leap for your journey. In this trek of yours, you are taken through such points that you will be seeing the magnificent view of Annapurna, Macchapuchre (Mt. Fishtail) and Gangapurna. If you are planning to climb the glorious Himlung Himal, you should be fully prepared about each and every condition like, in terms of weather Spring and Fall is regarded as the best, and if you take the frequently used routes it’s going to prevent you from any technical misfortunes to greater extents. This trip is going to last up to 32 days so that you could be able to explore Mt. Humlung to your heart's content, If you want to climb a summit above 8000 meters of elevation and looking for a perfect and not techinically tough mountain Mt. Himlung is just for you. In this climb, you’ll be able to experience the difficulties of climbing a summit of higher altitudes. But you should have all the precautions made for the coming obstacles like altitude sickness and other things too. Mt. Himlung’s popularity among the adventurers has been growing out quite rapidly these days and our group is willing to take you on a trek of 16 days full of thriller and scenic beauty of Nepal.

The High Camps

In this journey we will be setting the base camp at an altitude of 4900 meters on land covered up in the grass and the three other camps to reach the summit shall be set up in different higher altitudes like; Camp I at 5,619m, Camp II  at 5,987m and the last Camp III at 6,400m. As our well-prepared team shall set up the camp, you shall be allowed with plenty of time to explore the ups and downs of it. And most importantly we shall be reaching for the summit on a day well favored by the weather.

The Trekking Route

On this Voyage, we will be driving for 8 hours to Besisahar and about another 6-7 hours to Koto the next day. Our trek shall commence from the old Annapurna circuit route till we reach Koto and then to the Tibetan village called Kyang, Phugaon where we will be spending one day extra for proper acclimatization and local exploration. Phogaon to Himlung base camp is another a day trek where we properly set up our base camp with all tents and logistics. We will have altogether 15 days to set up higher camps and also achieve the summit. We shall be doing another 5 days of the trek exploring back to Beshishar the same route we went through at the beginning.

Why to choose Himlung?

  • Among the 414 open peaks in Nepal for mountaineering, there are only limited 7000m peaks open for mountaineering and Himlung is an easy accessible and cost saving peak expedition.
  • Its NOT technically difficult as other 7000m peaks therefore its prefect peak for pre training trip before going for any 8000m peak including Mt. Everest. 
  • Its safer peak among the all 7000m peaks 
  • The trekking in/out from base camp is comparatively easy than others  
  • The trek goes through Annapurna circuit route and the hidden valley Nar Phu area, therefore the trekking to Himlung base camp is unique and awesome with local cultures and local inhabitant villages.
  • The base camp is on perfect location, not on glacier actually with some green grass.


  • Expert & experienced cook and crews
  • Excellent and comfortable camping logistics
  • Medical back up Oxygen with mask set throughout the trip
  • Trek & Climb to the area without crowds
  • Trek in and out via, the world-renowned trek route “Annapurna Circuit”
  • Perfect mountain as pre-Expedition to any 8000m mountains
  • Trek into the mystical area (Narphu), where still the pure Tibetan cultures and traditional exists
  • Climb the 7,000m peak not technically tough challenging, with professional and Everest Summitted Sherpa Guides


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Tony -- Interested for April 21. Let me know if there’s a planned departure.

James Melarkey -- Please let me know prices for this trip to Himlung Himal. I am keen to travel in late March of 2021. Thank you, James

jay -- I am interested in this March/April. when do you have a trip? what does it cost ? I summited Denali a few years ago



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