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Term Condition

Payment, Refund & Cancellation Policy
Payment Policy:
Required Booking Deposit
Tours: US$ 300/- per participant
Trekking & Peak Climbing: US$ 500/- per participant
6000m & 7000m Expeditions: US$ 1,000/- per participant
8000m Expeditions: US$ 2,000.00 per participant
Mt. Everest Expedition: US$ 5,000.00 per participant
(Booking deposit has to be made as soon as you will confirm trip with Dream Himalaya Adventures)
(Send copy of passport and a PP size photograph along with booking form)
Remaining Balance Payments
Tours: To be paid 30 days prior from the departure date
Trekking & Peak Climbing: To be paid 45 days prior from departure date
Mountaineering Expeditions: To be paid 60 days prior from the departure date
For Mt. Everest Expedition
60% from remaining balance 100 days prior to departure date
40% from remaining balance 45 days prior to departure date
Refund Policy:
Tour/Trekking/Peak Climbing/Mountaineering Expeditions
  • If cancelled the trip any time prior to departure, lose of the deposit money
  • If cancelled the trip in between 30 to 44 days for Trekking & Peak Climbing, 30 to 59 days for Expeditions (except Everest Expd), lose 60% of the paid money
  • For Mt. Everest Expedition, if cancelled 46 to 99 days, lose of 60% of the paid money, and 30 to 44 days, lose of 75% of the paid money. 
  • If cancelled the trip less than 30 days prior to departure, lose full cost of the trip / NO REFUND
For Cancellation:
We reserve the right to cancel any of our trips for any season whatsoever prior to the start of your trip. In the very unlikely event that one of our trips is cancelled, full refund of the payment received from you will be release. Dream Himalayas Adventures is not responsible for any additional expenses incurred by a group member in case of any cancelled trip (e.g. non refundable airline ticket, visa fees etc.) You will, of course, have the option of choosing an alternative trip of equal of higher monetary value (different to be paid) during the duration of the cancelled trip.
Acceptance and Important Liability Release Informtaion:

Our Most of the Treks & Mountaineering adventures are in remote areas, events are unpredictable. Dream Himalaya Adventures cannot be held responsible for the results of change, losses or delays irrespective of how they are caused. Your booking is accepted on the condition that you realize the potential risks/hazards involves in adventures of this kind, up to and including personal injury and/or death. NO refund or compensation is given if you choose not to or cannot complete your trips. You are responsible for any additional charges incurred if you choose to or cannot complete your trips for any reason.

I understand that there are inherent and other risks associated with treks/adventures of this kind and I accept those risks. I understand that no refund or compensation will be made if I decided not to or cannot complete the trip or for any unused service or feature of the treks & Expeditions or for any changes or cancellation irrespective of how they are caused, any additional charges incurred will be taken care by me in case of I decided not to or cannot complete the trip.

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21 May 2023

Mt. Everest Expedition, 2023 CONCLUDED

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18 May 2023

Mt. Everest Summits - 2023

Our team have scaled the Mt. Everest (8,848.86m) this morning about 5am. They already returned to South Col by about 10am and now they are on their way to Camp[...]

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