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Why do people choose Dream Himalaya Adventures

Why do peple choose Dream Himalaya Adventures
Our Quality Logistics:
Dream Himalaya Adventures (DHA) is known as one of the best Expedition Logistics Service provider outfitter based in Kathmandu. We look after each and every small requirements of our client, regardless of an easy trekking or Expedition to Mt. Everest. Our entire logistic services have been highly appreciated by our previous clients, and it has been proved because our ex clients are always coming back to us for their next adventure trip. 

Local Experts :
You will be led by our hand-picked, local guides. They have a deep knowledge of the different areas you will visit, and this is why you can get additional information related to local culture, history, religion and architecture when you choose us as your travel partner.

Your Safety:
Safety of our clients is our number one priority and we don’t compromise on it. All of our trips are designed with the security and safety of our clients in mind. We have fixed ratios of Sherpa guides on our climbing trips to assure your safety: Everest Expedition 1:1 (1 sherpa guide = 1 climber) guided, other 8000m expeditions either 1:1 or at least of 1:2, 7000m expedition 1:2, 6000m expedition 1:3, trekking peak climbing 1: 3, and even for our trekking trips we ensure there are sufficient Sherpa trekking guides and assistant guides as required.

Our Experiences:
Our Sherpa Trekking & Mountaineering Guides are most experienced; they have been in the industry serving the best quality services since a decade. They have climbed most of the 8000m peaks and multiple summits on Mt. Everest and they are very professional in their job. The Founder and Managing Director of the company, Mr. Dawa Sherpa (Lama) is a master’s degree graduate in business study and he has more than a decade’s of experience in organizing and providing logistic services for trekking and mountaineering expeditions.

Sherpa Guided:
We offer purely Sherpa Guided treks and expeditions. Our guides are experienced and knowledgeable about local cultures and traditions, trekking and climbing routes, and setting up high camps. They are also trained in all aspects of search and rescue. They are very friendly, cheerful and always supportive of our clients needs. Our guides are not just the guides; they treat you as a good friend and make you laugh throughout the trip

Our Cook/Chef:
We have most experienced trekking and expedition cook of the industry, they are well trained, have years of experiences, they can cook based on client’s need and they are superbly skilled on any bakery items. Our cooks do five stars standard job, and healthy and hygienic meals.

Food & Vegetable:
We are very much aware about importance of Food & Cook on any treks and expeditions, they play a vital role to success of the expedition, and therefore, we give high value on it. We supply quality food, not just the food but continuously supply fresh vegetables and meats from Kathmandu, as much as possible. For our major expeditions in Nepal, we supply special pack meats i.e. bacons, salami, sausage etc. and also supply the fresh fruits as much as possible too.  

Dining tents and its accessories: 
Our base camp dining tents are designed differently than others, slightly higher, wider by space, and of course water proof and double layered; you will have completely different and comfortable feelings inside it. For our major expeditions, we provide a neat and clean carpet with a portable gas heater in the dining tent.

Personal Sleeping Tent:  
We provide a single person tent to each expedition member, so that they could feel comfortable and pleasant sleep as well. We normally use Ozark brand or better brand but not the lower brand for sure. And other accessories of the tent such as form mattress, mattress covers, personal pillow and its covers etc will be provided to each individual. 

High altitude tents & individual meals:
Our high altitude tents are twin sharing and strong enough for the high speed wind at the higher camps. We provide Ortic brand for high altitude, it’s one of the strongest tent for the mountain and high altitude.  Individual meals we provide will be “backcountry” it’s known as one of the best known kinds for the hiker and mountaineers.

Other base camp logistics:
We carefully and closely look after each and every small logistic arrangement and make sure that all have been done perfectly.  We want to give our client the best logistic services so that you will always remember us and recommend our services to your friends for their next trek & expedition. For our all expeditions, our toilet tent will have comfortably seated based accessories, unlike traditional styled toilet. For our Everest expedition, we provide a gas geyser hot shower facility at base camp. Our other logistic facilities are portable foldable tables with its cover clothes, deluxe chairs, melamine plates, and melamine coffee cups etc. Fresh organic coffee will be provided, which is made through Italian/French coffee press maker. We have been providing logistic services to the expedition team from different alpine club and mountaineering club.

Customized your trip:
If you are a family or a couple willing to do any of our listed trips, or even a non-listed trip, we can customise it completely based on your requirements. We can modify the itinerary, and change the route and dates depending on what you require. 

Chinese Mountaineering Association’s direct agent:
Dream Himalaya Adventures is a direct agent of Chinese Mountaineering Association, Beijing, China. There are only few direct agents for CMA/TMA in Nepal. Chinese authority doesn’t deal with each and individuals, most of the Kathmandu outfitters do sub contract with the direct agents like DHA to run their expedition to Tibet, therefore, if you are going for the expedition to Tibet, DHA is your right choice which helps a lot during the expedition period. 

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