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Top ten reasons to visit Nepal

Top reasons to visit Nepal
Nepal should be on a must visit bucket list for any world traveller. The country has unique and diverse cultures, the word’s highest peak as well as hundreds of other unclimbed peaks, adventure trekking into remote corners of the Himalaya, heritage sites, temples and tigers and of course the friendly Nepalese people. You will discover a surprising variation in the landscape, ranging from jungles, lakes, rivers and mountains down to the lowlands. In 2019 Forbes Magazine listed Nepal as the #1 must visit country for the next decade. So what are you waiting for?

Here are ten top reasons to visit Nepal for your next adventure.
World’s Best Adventure Trekking Destination:
Nepal has the world’s best adventure trekking. There are even still remote areas in the Himalaya yet to be explored by visitors. Trekking is the best way to explore, allowing you time to experience and understand the culture, to interact with the local people, and immerse yourself in the Himalayan experience. Each region has its own unique flora and fauna, culture, heritage and history. Adventure trekking includes the opportunity to tackle multiple high passes for those looking for extra challenge, or alternately up to a week or more of easier trekking for family and children.
Diverse Culture and Traditions:
Most of Nepal’s population practices Hinduism. However, there is also a heavy Buddhist influence, as well as Kiratism, Islam and Christianity. Because of this diversity in religion and multiculturalism, travelling through different parts of Nepal and learning about each region’s customs is an enlightening experience.
UNESCO World Heritage Sites:
There are several UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Nepal. In Kathmandu valley alone there are seven sites, as well as one each in Chitwan National Park and Lumbini. if you’ve got a plan to travel to as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as you can, a visit to Nepal is a big jump in the right direction.
Rhinos and Tigers:
Although not many visitors think of Nepal as being abundant with wildlife, the country has a diverse bird and animal population. You can take a safari to a national park (i.e. to Chitwan or Bardia National Parks) where you will see plenty of local fauna including crocodiles, rhinos, deer, tigers and leopards.
Nepal caters for all travel budgets. Guesthouse accommodation can cost as little as $5 per person, hotel rooms less than $20, and food for a day around $10. Of course there are more expensive options, like three star and top hotels costing $100 to $300 a night. In the countryside, though, you shouldn’t need to spend more than $50 a night for a very comfortable stay. In terms of trekking trips, you can choose between a budget trip or a luxury trip, a family trek or a private trek.
Nepal is a safe country to travel in. It is politically stable and the people are known for being very friendly towards visitors. Nepal is a place where you’re looked out for. Although there are difficult hikes, the paths are clear, guides are available, and any dangers can be prepared for, like considering your experience level and managing altitude sickness.
Family Adventures:
Nepal offers a range of options for family holidays. Choose between heritage sites tours, trekking adventures, wildlife and jungle safaris, river rafting, paragliding, mountain biking and even bungee jumping. Participate in volunteer activities in a school or in a village community, so everyone can learn about different Nepalese cultures and traditions.
Traditional Cuisine:
As well as Nepal having a diverse culture and ethnicity, the food is also not to be missed. The Nepalese add their own variation to different dishes, and it’s generally considered more healthy than other countries in South East Asia. The dishes dhal bat (lentil or chicken curry, boiled rice with vegetables, pickles and roti bread) and momo (Nepal’s version of dumplings) are must-tries.
Mountain Climbing:
Nepal is home to more than 1300 snow capped peaks ranging from under 6000m to the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest (8,848m). There are also hundreds of unclimbed peaks. Out of the world’s fourteen 8000m peaks, eight peaks are in Nepal. The mountain ranges stretch the length of the country from east to west. As well as having some of the worlds most challenging mountain climbs, there are also peaks which are easier to summit. Nepal is home for all climbers, and undoubtedly Sherpa are the BEST mountain guides in the world.   
Other Adventures:
There are other great reasons to visit Nepal, many of which you can find easily on a quick Google search. Apart from adventure trekking, mountain climbing, wildlife and safari trips, Nepal is best known for paragliding, unique bungee jumping, skydiving in the high Himalaya, mountain marathons, whitewater rafting, kayaking, and mountain biking. Dream Himalaya Adventures offer adventures and trips for everyone. 

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