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Travel Insurance

Most of the Treks & Mountaineering Expeditions are in remote areas and events are unpredictable. Therefore on our every trek & climbing trip, travel insurance is mandatory which must covers:

  • Hospitalized medical expenses 
  • Emergency evacuation cost
  • Trip interruption
  • And repatriation cost, if necessary  

Please double-check and ensure that your chosen policy provides sufficient cover for your adventure activities (e.g., trekking or climbing with ropes, crampons, Ice Axe and guides) and also ensure that it covers the country and area, where you will travel. 

Comprehensive travel insurance

In order to remove the possible risks from adventure activities, to protect your investment, you must have to obtain comprehensive travel insurance and send a copy to us before leaving your country.  

Few recommendation for Trekking trip

Recommendations for Expeditions Insurance

Global Rescue:

(Or you can buy with your regualr treval insurance company, or find out best suitable for your trip)
Before you buy and pay for the travel insurance, please double-check the policy terms and conditions, like what covers or what doesn’t covers because many ‘Comprehensive’ insurance policies do not provide cover for mountaineering activities. Therefore, we advise you to consider very carefully what policy you are going to buy. 

As explained earlier, most of the adventure activities take you to the remote area of the Himalayas, where there are no medical facilities. So you must have to obtain the policy that will cover you for trekking and climbing, glacial travel and mountaineering with fixed ropes etc. If your policy does not cover these risks, then you should consider supplementing your cover with a policy that does so.

Some of the countries’alpine mountaineering associations (e.g. American Alpine Club, British Mountaineering Council, Slovenian Alpine Club, German Alpine Club and New Zealand Alpine Club) offer comprehensive travel insurance including climbing, especially to their members. So if you are one of the members or you can be the member, then please obtain your travel insurance through your alpine club. But they don’t cover for every one. 

Reminder! - Review What the Policies Cover

Please read twice the relevant policy in details, (e.g. terms and conditions, and what covers) in full and ensure that your chosen policy provides the cover you need.

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